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“Farm to College”

“Farm to College” was produced for the UC Santa Cruz, Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS). It features their program, Farm to College, that sources the fresh produce served in the campus from the the campus farm and other local sustainable farms. In this video, you see undergraduates grow a lettuce crop from “seed to salad”.

“Help Preserve Arunachala”

Arunachala is an ancient hill in southern India considered by Hindus to be the physical form of Siva. The hill is in the process of becoming a United Nations World Heritage Site. The video was produced to help promote that process. In this production, we traveled to India to do all of the production work along with the editing. This was an amazing project where we were given exceptional access to film holy rituals and film in ancient temples. The work was grueling. We often shot in 100+ degree temperatures with extreme humidity. But it was deeply satisfying to be part of preserving the pristine nature of this holy mountain.

“Welcome to High Tech U”

“High Tech U” is an international training program for high school students to gain hands-on experience in the world of high tech. The program is run by the SEMI, the world’s leading trade organization for the semiconductor industry. We worked closely with SEMI to produce the storylines and production plans for 6 different videos that took us to several locations in the Western U.S. We had to address several audiences including students, parents, teachers, and volunteers. The videos help to significantly increase the enrollment in the program along with an increase in sponsor funding. It was an all around success. Below is the main promotional video.


This video was produced for SEMI Foundation to help in fundraising efforts for the High Tech U program.  The video proved to be highly effective in helping SEMI reach their funding goals.

“Plane-to-Plane Aerials”

This was an epic journey across the U.S. in a 1940′s classic biplane. This project was done for the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association and the Recreational Aviation Foundation. We captured this beautiful footage over Southeast Utah against the spectacular landscape of Canyonlands National Park. The production required special gyro-stabilized cameras and exceptional piloting skills to fly safely in very close formation. We had a blast producing this.

“Camera Crane Demo Reel”

Crane shots provide some of the most beautiful and dramatic footage. It can greatly increase the production values of your project, giving it a Hollywood feature “look”, without busting your budget. Here is a short demo reel of crane shots from a documentary about a World War II biplane we are producing.

  • <center> “Farm to College”

    “Farm to College”

  • <center> “Help Preserve Arunachala”

    “Help Preserve Arunachala”

  • <center> “Welcome to High Tech U”

    “Welcome to High Tech U”

  • <center> “Fundraising”


  • <center> “Plane-to-Plane Aerials”

    “Plane-to-Plane Aerials”

  • <center> “Camera Crane Demo Reel”

    “Camera Crane Demo Reel”

Customer Reviews

Susan True, Executive Director, First 5 Santa Cruz County

“Jim is so much more than I ever could have hoped for in a filmmaker. He immediately grasped the main message that I wanted to convey, he helped create a terrific story board, he facilitated interviews with respect and care, he did fast edits and collaborated with me on editing decisions.  Jim did all this with humor, calm, timeliness and true respect for the many people involved with the project. I am so proud of the work we did and so glad to know Jim.”

Jim Christmann, Owner and Captain, Monterey Bay Research Vessels

“I’ve worked and played with Jim Clark for some decades, in the air and at sea, where he’s managed to capture some of my most memorable experiences with his light touch and graceful command of all the many facets of storytelling through film. His is a rare range of technical and people skills that have a way of bringing a production together with his special stamp, borne of his own sensitive humor and appreciative joie de vie, that has made my film experiences with him consistently magical.”

Peter Berking, Founder and Chief Coordinator, Arunachala World Heritage Site Initiative

“Jim’s video creations are superb. I was really impressed with his ability to capture the essence of his subject, a sacred mountain in India, in only a few short minutes. He is a consummate professional who I felt was in sync with my vision every step of the way.”

Rosanne Roth, IR & Marketing Coordinator, ATA Ventures

Jim Clark is a creative and talented videographer with a keen eye for detail, a knack for making people feel at ease in front of the camera, and a compassion for others that makes him a true pleasure to work with.  I spent several months working alongside him on a project and found him to be an outstanding collaborator and a master editor.  He exceeded my expectations, both in pre-production and the final product.  I would highly recommend Jim to anyone who wants to harness the power of video for their business.

Richard Stockton, Producer of Planet Cruz Comedy

“Film maker Jim Clark gives you much more than technical mastery for your video project.  Not only do you get state of the art production, but he brings a creative brilliance that opens new doors. No matter how ambitious my vision, working with Jim, I always end up with a video beyond my expectations.  I’ve worked with Jim Clark to produce all the Planet Cruz Comedy videos; for theatre stage presentation, for television and for the big screen. His technical mastery of video production and his artistic imagination has taken our work to a higher level than I could ever have imagined.”

Kumu Lorraine Kinnamon, Director Te Hau Nui School of Hula and Tahitian Dance

“Jim produced an extraordinary piece of work showcasing the breadth of my dance company. With his keen eye and attention to detail, I was provided with an excellent tool I can proudly use to present my company. His talent, technical skill, and integrity are reflected his exemplary work. I truly look forward to our next project.”

Jenny Kurzweil, Publications Manager & Senior Editor, SACNAS

“I have worked with Jim on several video projects. He is an excellent collaborator–creative, responsive, thorough, and efficient. He takes the time to get to know and understand the subject matter and brings a keen sense of interest and commitment to the work that he does.”

David Bernard, Founder, Mythmaker Creative Services

“JCP has been our go-to video resource for years.  Jim is fast, reliable and very creative when it comes to small projects and tight budgets. We confidently offer our clients video services knowing JCP is part of our team.”

Jane Merrill, Founder, Western Marketing Management

“My film projects with Jim Clark have delivered very successful results. After interviewing many independent film makers, Jim’s years of experience in film making and his ability to listen and communicate scored high marks with me. He quickly grasps each film subject matter, offers the most beneficial camera/sound/lighting equipment and makes on-site shoots very productive and worthwhile. His editing methods, various digital effects and scripting techniques all play a part in producing a quality film product. Jim gets my  vote of confidence.”


Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)
ATA Ventures
Anoushka Shankar
Bill Stein Airshows
The Center for Agroecoloy and Sustainable Food Systems (UC Santa Cruz)
Doug Jardine Airshows
Expressive Photographics
First 5, Santa Cruz County
JANUS of Santa Cruz
Jerad Maclean Music
Journey Works Publishing
Monterey Canyon Research Vessels
Mythmaker Branding & Design
National Marine Fisheries (NOAA)
O’Neill’s Wetsuits
Planet Cruz Comedy Show
The Preserve Arunachala Foundation
The Ravi Shankar Foundation
The Recreational Aviation Foundation
Richard Caldwell – Vaquero Horseman
Santa Cruz County Conference & Visitors Center
Santa Cruz Public Defenders
The SEMI Foundation
Sri Ramanasramam
Te Hau Nui School of Hula & Tahitian Dance
Vectored Flight, LLC
Western Marketing Management
Wayne Handley Aerosports


Our mission is simple: Happy Clients

Please read the “Testimonials” section to find out directly from my clients how we make them happy.

I have been in the video production business since 1996. I have directed both large and small productions and have found my niche in producing passionate and heart-felt stories, what you might call “mini-documentaries”. I work primarily with non-profit organizations and small businesses.

People can more easily tell their stories and experiences when they feel comfortable and at ease. So, on most projects, I work solo because I’ve found that a large production staff is often intimidating for people who are not accustomed to being on camera. Also, working solo, I’m able to keep production costs low and help organizations produce high quality videos that would not have the funds, otherwise. But when appropriate, I have a network of colleagues to call on to bring additional capacity to larger productions.

So, if you are thinking that your organization or business could benefit from a great video, please give me a call. I’m happy to chat with you and help you get started.

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